27 - 29 Apr 2021

Landmark Centre (Hotel), Lagos

Moving goods from China to Nigeria is cheaper – Importer

Transporting goods from China to Nigeria, might seem expensive, but in reality, it costs more to move same goods from Apapa Port to the trade fair complex in Lagos.

This must obviously be one of the reasons why goods are very expensive in Nigeria’s markets.

TVC News Correspondent, Ifunanya Eze reports that it cost between 800,000 to 900,000 naira to move a container of goods at a distance of 9,903 kilometers from China to Nigeria.

But for an importer to move same container from the Apapa ports to the Trade fair complex, a journey of 19.8 kilometers, he pays 700,000 naira and more if the container is going beyond that destination. via @tvcnewsng